Thank You

We give thanks to all of our generous donors. The work of the Bird Center would not be possible without your support. On this page, we make special mention of donations that have been made in celebration, or to honor the memory of a loved one.

In Memoriam

Molly E. Osler
Tandy Hennings donated in memory of Molly E. Osler.

Molly E. Osler
Julie Larson donated in memory of Molly E. Osler.

Molly E. Osler
R. L. Smith donated in memory of Molly E. Osler.

Donald Stevens
Barbara and Annette Rykwalder donated in memory of Donald Stevens.

Phyllis Ponvert
Barbara Stahler-Sholk made a donation in memory of Phyllis Ponvert, a longtime volunteer at the Bird Center.

Kim Richardson-Hippler
Chris Hippler made a donation in memory of his wife, Kim Richardson-Hippler, who passed in August 2018.

Peter Belaire
Barb Michniewicz and Gerald Nordblum made a donation in honor of Peter Belaire.

Zelda Markoritz Scho
Valerie B. Carey made a kind donation in honor of her mother, Zelda Markoritz Scho.

Michaelyn Locke
Michaelyn Locke was a wildlife rehabilitator. Nolen Locke, her husband, has been a long-time supporter of the Bird Center with twice yearly donations. He recently gave another donation to the Bird Center in Michaelyn’s memory.

Merlin Prissy, father of Lisa Flood

Diane Ilene Zielinski
Michael Certain, Heather O’Neill from Michigan Financial Advisors Corp, Tom Zielinski, The Crells, Michele Plattenberger, Pam Nelson, Stephen Zielinski, Alexander and Frances Farkas, and Ronald and Theresa Piwonski all made donations in memory of Diane Ilene Zielinski, who passed on February 23rd, 2017.

Dr. Steven W. McNally
Heather Kuehneman made a donation in memory of Dr. Steven W. McNally of Weston Florida. Dr. McNally was an animal lover who found an abandoned baby bird while visiting family in Michigan with his wife and brought it to the Bird Center.

Diane Shafer Breese
Mollie and Randy Musbach donated in memory of Diane Shafer Breese.

Mickey Bowman and Rodney Bentz
Bruce Bowman made donations in memory of  Mickey Bowman, as well as in memory of Rodney Bentz (past Bird Center donor), on behalf of Rodney’s wife, Mrs. Joan Bentz.

Robert Manning
Judy and Charles Kovsky and Karyn Bookmeier have made gifts in memory of Robert Manning.

Rita Heydon
Rita Heydon passed away in January of 2015. She is mourned by her husband Peter, many friends, and all of the animals she cared for and helped. She was very busy with horses, but still found time to dash to the Bird Center with a small house sparrow in a feed bucket that had fallen from the rafters in the barn.

Alphonso Rossi
Jane Rossi has made a generous donation in memory of her father, Alphonso Rossi. He enjoyed building several bird houses and bird feeders during his time at the VA Health Center in Erie, PA.

Betty and Donald Yenni
They met on a blind date at the University of Michigan, worked out of state for many years, returning after retirement to East Jordan, MI where they enjoyed gardens and the community. In East Jordan Don fished, and loved nature, birds, and photography. They returned to Ann Arbor in 1986 where they had met so many years ago.

Donations to the Yenni Memorial have been made by Lillian S. Dehart, Ruth O. Gaylord, Brenda G. Hameister, Judith B. Hikes, Janice Morris, and Laura E. Wooley.

Joseph S. Lucci
Gabrielle Lucci and Jennie Hodick have made gifts in memory of Joseph S. Lucci, a former Detroit Public Schools teacher who loved birds and shared his love of nature with his students and his family.

Paul Sample and Ann Dzwonkowski
Carol & Douglas Feldman made donations in memory of Paul Sample and Ann Dzwonkowski.

Joseph Grandon Roberts
The following donors have made gifts in memory of Joseph Grandon Roberts, an extraordinary librarian, storyteller and colleague: Marcella Zorn,, Joanne & Oscar Alber, Linda & Joseph Chafets, Don & Sandy Callard, Ruth & Neil Haldeman, Daniel B. Miller, and Dave & Tammy Post.

Arthur Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krahn have made a donation in memory of Mr. Krahn’s uncle, Arthur Norton, of Lake, Michigan. The Krahn’s have happy memories of Uncle Art’s love of birds and his generous bird feeding.

Mary Allyson Ganim’s Mother
Mary Allyson Ganim donated in memory of her mother “who absolutely loved birds”. She was very thankful that the bird she brought to the Bird Center was able to be helped and released.

Dorothy Blanchard
Ann M. Benden donated in memory of Dorothy Blanchard of Chelsea.

In Celebration

Garrison Dyer
in honor of Diana Dyer.

Janine Falk
in honor of Kari Falk and Amanda Falk.

Dennis Gilbert
in honor of Rebecca Knorp and Jennifer Gilbert.

Dick Dyer
in honor of his wife, Diana.

Kelsey Breslow
donated adjustable window screens and 2 nylon nets from our Amazon wish list in honor of Marcy Breslow.

Valerie Moule
in honor of her niece, Monique Cadoret. (2017 & 2018)

Robin Ponvert
in honor of her mother-in-law Phyllis Ponvert.

Kari Falk
Janine Falk donated in honor of her niece, Kari Falk.

Carol R. Akerlof
Stephanie Hunter made a donation to honor Carol R. Akerlof’s birthday.

Connie Zatsick, Sally Daniels, & Bonnie Dunkelberger
Helen Simon made a gift in honor of Connie Zatsick, Sally Daniels, and Bonnie Dunkelberger.

Diane Krause
Sally Lubeck made a gift in honor of her nice, Diane Krause, on her birthday.

Monique Cadoret
On March 6, 2016 Valerie Moule made a gift in honor of her Neice, Monique Cadoret’s, birthday

Stephanie Hunter
JoAnn Paasche has made a donation in honor of Stephanie Hunter. Stephanie has been the Bird Center’s volunteer scheduler.

Kari and Amanda Falk
Janine Falk has made several generous donations to the Bird Center in honor and celebration of her nieces Kari and Amanda Falk.

Sherri Smith
On Bird Center volunteer Sherri Smith’s birthday, the following friends made donations in her honor:   Ellie Shappirio, Archie and Chia Chen Wu, Susan Crowell, Margaret and Larry Cressman, Cynthia Pachikara, Anne and John Knott, Ruth and Tom Green, Susan and Ken Walton, Michael and Dorte Rodemer, and Lois and Gordon Kane who hosted a great party for Sherri and friends! Sherri rescues sandhill cranes, great blue herons, and other large birds.

Michelle Rutowski
Carl C. Jr. and Delores E. Strom have made a generous donation in honor of their daughter Michelle Rutowski.

Kyle Slater
Kyeena GraBril Slater and Charles E. Slater have made multiple donations on behalf of their son Kyle.

Nick Demski
Claudia Darmofal has made a donation to the Bird Center in honor of her godson’s birthday.

Elise Hagy
In celebration of Elise Hagy’s birthday, Karla Weidner, Linda D. Zimmer, Margot and Brian Schapiro made donations to the Bird Center

Kim Phillips and Sarah Hogle
Nancy Williams has made gifts to the Bird Center in honor of Kim Phillips and Sarah Hogle.