Fly Free, Janet

We are incredibly saddened to say that our female pileated woodpecker, affectionately named Janet by the Bird Center staff, was humanely euthanized last night after suffering a debilitating seizure earlier in the day. The staff and volunteers at the Center are devastated by her loss.

Female pileated woodpecker.
Photo credit to Carole Dubritsky.

We’d like to thank our supporters for their concern and kind donations as we worked to rehabilitate her. It was an honor to care for this beautiful bird, and in her memory we have created a page on our website featuring her story as well as pictures and a video compilation. Visit the link below to view Janet’s memoriam.

Hummingbird Nestling

This tiny hummingbird nestling was found on the ground and the rescuers were unable to locate the parents or its nest, so she’s now in our care! She weighs in at only 1.2 grams, but she’ll grow quickly as she learns to self-feed on nectar formula that also contains fruit flies. Yum!

Voicemail Issues

As of today, July 1st, we are unfortunately having issues with our voicemail service. Callers are unable to leave messages, and no recorded information is provided to callers. We are currently working on figuring out the problem!

In the meantime, you can still call us at 734.761.9640 from 7:30a – 8:30p. If you call us and it is busy, please call back! Our line is just busy because we don’t have call waiting. Please do not message us on Facebook or email us – we are incredibly busy with the birds in our care and therefore unable to check and respond to internet messages.

If you need assistance for birds, you can always check the Michigan DNR website for the closest licensed rehabber. The main rehabbers within a hour of the Bird Center that you’ll find on the list are:

Howell Nature Center (Livingston County) 
Wild Wings (Oakland County) 
Detroit Animal Welfare Group (Macomb County)

Celebrate Safely!

Know your local laws, and be considerate of how fireworks can affect others! Fireworks can cause harm to our pets, harm to our wildlife, harm to our environment, and harm to people with PTSD.

Female Hummingbird Progress

This beautiful female ruby-throated hummingbird has been with us now for almost three weeks following a very bad collision. She can fly, but she is exhibiting some neurological symptoms and her vision is not 100%. We’re giving her all the time she needs to recover!