Voicemail Issues

As of today, July 1st, we are unfortunately having issues with our voicemail service. Callers are unable to leave messages, and no recorded information is provided to callers. We are currently working on figuring out the problem!

In the meantime, you can still call us at 734.761.9640 from 7:30a – 8:30p. If you call us and it is busy, please call back! Our line is just busy because we don’t have call waiting. Please do not message us on Facebook or email us – we are incredibly busy with the birds in our care and therefore unable to check and respond to internet messages.

If you need assistance for birds, you can always check the Michigan DNR website for the closest licensed rehabber. The main rehabbers within a hour of the Bird Center that you’ll find on the list are:

Howell Nature Center (Livingston County) 
Wild Wings (Oakland County) 
Detroit Animal Welfare Group (Macomb County)

Celebrate Safely!

Know your local laws, and be considerate of how fireworks can affect others! Fireworks can cause harm to our pets, harm to our wildlife, harm to our environment, and harm to people with PTSD.

Female Hummingbird Progress

This beautiful female ruby-throated hummingbird has been with us now for almost three weeks following a very bad collision. She can fly, but she is exhibiting some neurological symptoms and her vision is not 100%. We’re giving her all the time she needs to recover!

Lemonade Stand! 🍋

Are you looking for a tasty, easy way to donate to the Bird Center?

Evie Ellis is 10 years old. With help from her mom, Diana, they are raising funds for the Bird Center this weekend! This Saturday, June 29th, Evie is having a lemonade stand (freshly squeezed!) to raise money for the Bird Center. Other items for sale include mango lassi popsicles, brownies, and rice krispie treats. Yum!

Lemonade stand sign.

Come out and support Evie on Saturday, June 29th from 12p to 4p at 1708 Shadford, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

Thank you for your generosity, Evie – we love and appreciate this so much!

Juvenile Eagle Rescue

With bad rainstorms and weather comes debilitated birds…

On Monday, the Bird Center received a phone call about an injured juvenile eagle, which is not too common around Ann Arbor! The caller sent us a video and we confirmed it was in fact an eagle. The rescuer, Jason, found this bird and was unsure what to do, but this bird was in the water, so he rescued the eagle and waited for help. Since the Bird Center was just about 20 minutes away and most facilities are closed after 4 PM, our manager Andrea and intern Jenna went out to check on the situation and triage the bird.

The Bird Center doesn’t usually do many rescues during our busy season, but there were no other options. It was indeed an injured juvenile eagle, but we were unsure of its exact age. No wing breaks were found, but there was a bug infestation and the eagle had a pale tongue. Andrea and Jenna were concerned about lead or rodenticide poisoning (unfortunately these are two common ailments seen in eagles). Jason was kind enough to transport the bird to Morrison Animal Hospital in Garden City, where Dr. Kevin Smyth cares for raptors.

Jason has updated our manager with some information from Morrison Animal Hospial:

“This large eagle is actually a first year fledgling, and is a female! She is very emaciated and may have either fallen out of the nest or been pushed out and too weak to recover. Dr. Smyth is slowly getting her back on track with eating and regaining strength.”

We are hoping for a release in the future! Her life was saved thanks to Jason’s efforts.

For more information about Dr. Smyth, visit the Morrison Animal Hospital’s website.