Support our songbirds!

This beautiful migrating vireo came to the Center after a collision injury. We noticed some swelling around the right wing, but thankfully no breaks were felt. We are treating with pain meds, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics. We are hoping for a quick yet successful recovery to get this bird back on that migration path!

We are asking for donations towards this bird’s care and others alike. All donations are tax deductible and go directly towards the care of our birds. Donations can easily be made through Paypal or on our Facebook page. Thank you for your support!

Vireo being treated for collision injuries.

Football season is finally here!

Students are returning to school, the cooler temperatures are occurring, and the college football season is about to kick off!

On Saturday, August 31st, U of M football has their first home game at 7:30pm. We are right down the road from the stadium and in a very high-traffic football area. Come say hello to us if you are in town for the first college football home game or if you are moving in! We will be off Hoover near the IM building offering beverages, chocolate chip cookies AND chocolate chocolate chip cookies for donations to support the Bird Center.

Please Note: We do not provide tours of the Bird Center. It is a hospital with sick or injured wild animals. However, we are willing to talk to you about any questions you may have as you are passing by on your way to the game!

Spread your wings with the Bird Center!

Our latest Bonfire campaign t-shirt was designed by Bird Center volunteer and supporter Maureen Smith. Her inspiration was drawn from a favorite patient at the Bird Center – a female pileated woodpecker named Janet.

This design was submitted to Bonfire weeks ago but we had a slight delay with the approval process. Sadly, we lost Janet this week, but we can still celebrate her and honor her forever on a t-shirt. This item means a lot to the staff and volunteers, and we are offering you three options!

Any purchase made from these apparel items directly supports the Bird Center to help us continue the work we do. Donations support the Bird Center with proper food, medicine, and supplies for all the birds in our care.

This campaign ends on July 26, 2019, and shipments will arrive between August 6th – August 15th. Click the image below to purchase!

Pileated woodpecker t-shirt.
In memory of Janet.

Looking for more Bird Center apparel items? Visit our Bonfire Store!

Bonfire T-shirt Relaunched!

Back by popular demand, this T-shirt has been relaunched! We need no minimum to sell, so get them while you can! They will only be available until May 21st.

This shirt was designed by one of our own Bird Center volunteers and supporters, Maureen Smith, who also works at Wild Birds Unlimited Ann Arbor.

Please purchase or share to help support the 2019 Bird Center season! Support local and support the birds – proceeds go directly to the Bird Center for daily operations. We have a lot of babies to feed!

Click the image above to visit this fundraiser, and thank you for your support!