Summer Hours

The Bird Center is now open from 7am – 9pm; intake hours are 7:30am – 8:00pm, 8:30pm if local. Please do not bring a bird to the Center without speaking directly to a staff member first.


If you have found an injured or thought to be abandoned bird, please keep it in a stress-free environment and in a contained enclosure without any food or water until you’ve spoken to a wildlife rehabilitator.

If you need immediate assistance near the Washtenaw County area, you can contact the Humane Society of Huron Valley or the Howell Nature Center. You can also contact any rehabber on the Michigan DNR website.

Please don’t kidnap wildlife!

Please don’t kidnap wildlife, and don’t interfere with wild animals unless it’s an obvious emergency! All protected species must go to a licensed rehabber if found injured or abandoned. You have 48 hours to turn the animal over to a rahabber, but for the animal’s health and safety, it should be done within the first 12 hours of finding it. If you don’t comply, you can be cited and fined, and that’s just the first offense.

It is illegal to rehab a bird or wild animal in your home without the proper permits if it is a protected species!

Barn Swallow Bath Time

This sweet barn swallow has been with us for over a month now after being hit at the airport. We have been treating his large open wound along his side and shoulder. It is almost fully closed and resolved, however we are unsure if he will get full flight mobility back. As an aerial insectivore, this is by far the most important part. We are taking his treatment day by day and have been in touch with some swallow specialists. His improvement is really good, his attitude is great, and he is a well-mannered bird. He eats great and loves mealworms, fly larvae, and fruit flies. 

Since we work with him so often, some of our skin oils get on him. Here he is after a fresh bath, which helps replenish his natural oils.

Barn swallow after a bath.
Injured barn swallow after a bath.

A Note from our Clinic Manager

Personal note from our manager to all of our supporters and friends: 

I recently looked through all the donations we have been getting and personal notes on our PayPal donation page. I can’t thank you all enough. We are so passionate about saving these birds and giving them the best care. Without you, we truly could not be able to do it. We need your help for about 6 months out of the year. Your donations help us take care of injured or abandoned birds and in return we try to keep you posted with our work as much as possible on social media. Everyone at the Bird Center thanks you for your support and trusting us to save these birds.

-Andrea Aiuto, Bird Center Clinic Manager

Fledgling blue jay.

Pileated Woodpecker Update

We thought you might enjoy some pictures and a video update with the progress our female pileated woodpecker has been making! This bird has made incredible progress over the past few weeks that we’ve had her. She is now starting to get her motor senses and skills back and attempting to self-feed and jump. Click the images to enlarge the photos and see just how beautiful this bird really is!

Thank you to everyone who has donated towards her rehabilitation and towards the care of the many other birds we will take in at the Center this season!


Billie’s Success Story

“Billie” the Pekin mix duckling has grown so much since being rescued, and he’s doing wonderfully! He is in foster care for 2 weeks with one of our interns, until the new owners come to pick him up to take him to his forever home. Learn more about Billie and the many other birds in our care by visiting our Facebook page!

Pekin mix duckling.
Billie, the Pekin mix duckling.