Temporary Location

Today the Bird Center temporarily moved out of our building so it can be used for the election on Tuesday, August 6th. With the help of our amazing staff and volunteers, we transported all of our birds and supplies to a local vet hospital down the road. We’ll be staying there until mid-day on Wednesday, August 7th.

We try to not accept many birds while we’re away, and we refer out only to prevent any disruption at the vet hospital. If truly needed, though, we will meet you outside in the parking lot to collect a bird from you and have you fill out a brief intake form. 

Again, we will not be at our regular location from Sunday, August 4th until Wednesday, August 7th, except for moving purposes. To contact the Bird Center during the time we are gone, you can call our temporary phone line at 734.882.5085.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we apologize for the inconvenience!

Pigeon in a box.