We need your help for the move!

The Bird Center is also a city polling station and will be used for the election on Tuesday, August 6th. We need to move out of the Center for the election, and we need your help!

We will be moving the birds over to the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital on Sunday, August 4th at 11am and returning them to the Bird Center on Wednesday, August 7th at 11am.

On Sunday, August 4th, we will need 3-4 people to help transport birds and supplies, and another 4-5 people to help clean the Center. We will also need 1-2 trucks or large vehicles to move the larger enclosures.

On Wednesday, August 7th, we also need several volunteers to transport everything back to the Bird Center and help clean the room at the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital.

We could also use some help with a bit of gardening! If you would like to help tend to flowers and clean up the outside of the Center, please let us know!

If you would like to help out, please email birdteamvolunteer@gmail.com to let us know what days you are available to help. We will then provide you with more details as we get closer to the move. We appreciate your help!

Juvenile purple martin.
Juvenile purple martin.