Your Help is Needed

On Friday morning we received a photo of an injured female Pileated Woodpecker hanging from a tree. We talked the concerned citizen through the rescue, and she and her grandson brought the bird to us. The woodpecker had very bad head trauma, blood in one of her ears, her neck was limp, and she was very dehydrated. We rehydrated her, gave her anti-inflammatory meds along with pain meds, and put her in oxygen for close to four hours. She started to finally perk back up after that.

After four days with us, she is starting to eat/peck a bit on her own, but we are also feeding her massive amounts of blackberries and live mealworms. She takes a lot of time for our staff to feed because of the large amount and the special holding requirements due to her condition. We are hopeful about her outcome, but she will be with us for quite some time, as she has a long road of recovery ahead of her.

We could use your help with donations to the Bird Center to help support her care. She eats close to 50 mealworms per feeding which is every 45 minutes, along with a variety of other foods. She has been an honor to work with and we want to provide her with the best rehabilitation possible. Please consider making a donation to the Bird Center to help us care for this gorgeous bird so that she can make a successful recovery.


As we mentioned, she’s only been with us for a few days, but below is a video of her progress from when she came in to now.