Seasonal Hours

Beginning today, May 25th, our seasonal hours go into effect and we will be open from 7am – 9pm throughout the summer. Phone calls and intakes will be accepted from 7:30am – 8pm.

If you have found a bird in need of assistance, please call the Center for further instructions. Please do not bring a bird to the Center without speaking directly to a staff member first.


If you have found an injured or thought to be abandoned bird, please keep it in a stress-free environment and in a contained enclosure without any food or water until you’ve spoken to a wildlife rehabilitator.

If you need immediate assistance near the Washtenaw County area, you can contact the Humane Society of Huron Valley or the Howell Nature Center. You can also contact any rehabber on the Michigan DNR website.

Online Volunteer Orientation

We have great news on a way to virtually connect with you! We will be training volunteers in May in small amounts, so we need to discuss our protocols and policies for COVID 19 with you. However, under the ordinance, we can’t meet up yet for an in-person orientation, so we would like to help train you… online!

Join us this Saturday, April 18th at 10:00am on Zoom. We’ll be chatting for about a hour to hour and a half about all the things for whenever we may be able to be together again this season!

Birds still need help during the spring and summer, and they don’t stop needing help in our time of crisis, so we must continue our work in the safest ways possible. The help from our volunteers is essential and beneficial for us to run and operate effectively.

If you would like to be part of our online orientation, or for more information, please email our Volunteer Coordinator at: to RSVP with your name.  You can also fill out our official form and application right here on the website.

Bird Center Events Canceled

We don’t like being the bearer of disappointing news, but sadly we have some:

We have made the decision to cancel our Volunteer Orientation AND our Annual Flyaway Fundraiser.

At this time, it is in everyone’s best interest for safety and health reasons to not have our two upcoming in-person events. We don’t know if the stay at home regulation will be extended or not, but regardless, we will be canceling. Thank you for understanding, and please stay safe!


For now, this event will be postponed. We hope to have it later this summer or early fall when times will hopefully be better.

If you are able, we are still needing donations from our Amazon Wishlist or donations via Paypal so we can operate throughout the summer. Without having the fundraiser, we will be losing out on a lot of our season start-up fund.

Volunteer Orientation:

If you are interested in helping us this season, you can download the application from our website and submit it via email. We will have volunteers on a limited schedule starting in May, and allowing only one volunteer to help at a time. We will have other guidelines and check points to follow during this time. We will have gloves and masks for anyone inside the building.

Once you send in an application, you will receive via email everything you would at the in-person orientation. We are going to try to host a Zoom chat on 4/18, and we will keep you posted about it!