Exciting News About Our Educational Blue Jay!

Dear Friend,

Many of you have seen Blue, a Blue Jay that came to the Center last spring after its nest tree was cut down. The family that rescued Blue kept it until the bird started making strange sounds, including cell phone sounds. At that point they brought it to the Bird Center. We did not think it could be safely returned to the wild and so we came to have our first educational bird. A falconer fitted Blue with tiny soft leather jesses so that the bird could be safely handled without danger of escaping or hitting a window in a school room.

Yesterday Blue charmed the residents of Glacier Hills Retirement Center in Ann Arbor. This morning the volunteer with whom Blue lives in the winter reported that Blue had been acting unusual and had laid an Egg!!!! Bailey thinks that Blue is a unisex name and that SHE should remain Blue! We are consulting with her vet to see if there is anything special we should be doing.

At least Blue thinks that it is spring!

Carol, for the Bird Center Crew

Bird Center Blue Jay