Apply to Volunteer at the Center

We are currently accepting volunteer applications for the 2019 season!

Watch this video to see volunteers talk about why volunteering at the Bird Center is so important to them.

Every year, as word about our services spreads across Washtenaw County, more and more people contact us for help. We admit hundreds of baby birds every spring and summer season who need to be fed every 30 minutes from dawn to dusk. That’s a lot of volunteer hours! Even if you can only spare a couple of hours a week, your help will make a big difference in the lives of orphaned and injured birds. You tell us when you can volunteer and we will work you into the schedule.

Seeing these babies grow right before your eyes is a very rewarding experience. And there is nothing like seeing an injured bird successfully rehabilitated and ready to be returned back to its natural habitat.

There are many jobs that need doing–not just feeding baby birds. Here is just a sample of the many jobs we do:

  • Answer wildlife calls
  • Take information from people dropping off birds
  • Feed birds and keep their housing clean
  • Make special diets
  • Go on wildlife calls to pick up or rescue birds
  • Take injured birds for veterinary care
  • Birds need to be put in outdoor flight cages before they are released back into their natural habitats. Help by building a flight cage, or allow one to be erected on your land

From the records we keep on every bird, and the flight cages we build, to the diets we feed, every job is a vital link in successfully rehabilitating these birds and returning them to the wild.

To join our list of volunteers, contact us at and fill out the following forms:

Volunteer Contact Form
Volunteer Application Form

We are an equal opportunity employer and volunteer organization.