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Marshall Oil Spill

2010 Slideshow

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Birds that were helped in 2010

2010 was another busy season at the Bird Center. These are just a few of the birds we helped. View more photos in our 2010 Slideshow.


This juvenile Great Blue Heron was admitted on July 23 by the Humane Society of Huron Valley’s Cruelty and Emergency department. It could not fly due to soft tissue damage to its right wing. The bird is eating live minnows and goldfish as well as dead smelt and sardines.

Great Blue Herons are very wary birds and sensitive to stressful activity and sounds. To keep it as peaceful as possible, it is being kept in its very own bathroom and walk-in shower in an ultra quiet household.


VA Rail

This Virginia Rail chick is being cared for by a bird center volunteer. He requires hourly feedings. For more information visit or wikipedia.

Least Bittern

A Bird Center student intern holds a Least Bittern that was hit by a car. We were able to help and release!



This little gosling has a severe neck injury. He's being treated at the Bird Center.


This female duck arrived with a badly healed broken leg and other health problems. She has been successfully treated and released.

She and a Canada goose were taken to a wonderful pond at the home of a man who has been raising waterfowl since he was nine years old.

Bird Center helps with Oil Cleanup

Volunteers from the Bird Center worked with Focus Wildlife staff members to help with cleanup from the Marshall oil spill. Click here to view pictures taken at the cleanup site.

An article was published in and the printed version of Ann Arbor Journal about the Bird Center and the cleanup effort.